Malala believes in the power of your voice and invites you to share it with the world.

Today over 60 million girls are out of school around the world. We need your help! If you are between the ages of 13 and 24, raise your voice and submit your artwork to stand #withMalala.

Please respond to one of the following creative prompts, and consider incorporating text from Malala's “Words on Fire” anthem into your response.

Words on Fire

We will not be silent.

We will not be invisible.

We are speaking out, setting our words on fire.

With our books and our pens, we are writing the story of our lives.

We will raise our voices high.

We are greater than any threat.

We are stronger than any fear.

We are every girl who wants to learn and live in peace.

We are every girl who wants to rise up to touch the sky.

The world has been waiting for us without even knowing it.

Our story is just beginning, but our voices will be heard.

For when we stand together, we do not stand alone.

Stand Up. Stand Now.

Stand #withMalala

© Tanya Mallot 2014


Remember a moment when you were empowered in the classroom. Make that story visible in the medium of your choice.

© Malin Fezehai


Design a visual graphic that supports every girl's right to education.

© Tanya Mallot 2014


Share how you work in your community to raise awareness about girls' rights and education through a short film, digital story, photo essay, blog, or whatever inspires you. Consider showing:

  • What brought you together
  • What you hope to change
  • What impact you are making
  • What you've learned
© Tanya Mallot 2014


How are you standing #withMalala on girls' rights and education? Creatively express an action you are or will take to help raise awareness about this important issue.

You can respond with photography, video, collage, drawing, spoken word, illustration, or painting. Need media tools? Check out our Resources page.

Visit to see what other actions you can take.

Dos and Don'ts

The creative possibilities are endless. Just be responsible and respectful.

  • DO be mindful - all work must be appropriate for a diverse audience.
  • DO be considerate of others - avoid using full or real names to prevent public shaming.
  • DO be yourself - all work submitted must be entirely your own.
  • DO film/photograph yourself against a plain background (no posters or locations with heavy foot traffic)
  • DO have solid lighting when filming/photographing your response
  • DO put your phone on airplane mode if using mobile devices to create a video
  • DON'T mumble or add music - if you're submitting a video response we want to hear you!
  • DON'T respond unprepared - minimize the umms to maximize your story

Uploading Work

Images We accept JPG, PNG, and GIFs. Images cannot exceed 2400x2400px. For optimal viewing, avoid uploading images less than 1024px wide.
Videos We accept MPG, MOV, and MP4s. Videos should be limited to less than 10 minutes.

All submissions must follow the guidelines listed above. Submission is not a guarantee of acceptance. Adobe reserves the right to remove projects from this site at any time.


  • What image / video formats can I use? For images, we accept JPG, PNG, and GIFs. Maximum size is 2400x2400 pixels. For video, we accept .MPG, .MOV and MP4s. The maximum video time is 10 minutes.
  • What happens to my work? After your work is fully processed and uploaded to the challenge, you can adjust the settings for all your projects in the My Project section of your profile settings. If you’d like to delete your work, it will be fully discarded from our servers. You can choose your cover image, tags, titles and descriptions during the upload process, before sharing your live projects via social media.
  • Can I submit work that I created with a friend? Please do! Just note the project can only be hosted by one account proper.
  • How can I remove my work from the Malala challenge? Yes - at any time go to your Project Settings to find the work you would like to delete. You can also access these setting via your User Profile under 'My Projects'. Please note you cannot undo a deleted project - once it’s gone, it’s gone!
  • I just submitted a piece but don’t see it posted - what’s wrong? Don’t fret - all work submitted to this challenge is reviewed to ensure nothing offensive or ___ gets uploaded to the challenge. You will receive confirmation once your project goes live.
  • What tools can I use to create work? Feel free to use any of the the free Adobe apps found on the Resources page, and any tools you already have to create your (amazing) work!
  • Where can I get help? Check out the Resources page for access to some of Adobe’s free creativity tools, in addition to links to the related articles about Malala’s global initiative and its underlying socioeconomic causes.
  • How do I sign up? Signing up is free and easy. Using a valid Adobe ID, follow the registration prompts of the navigation menu to create your own profile and submit work immediately!
  • Can I use profanity? We are strongly encouraging you not to use profanity on this website.
  • Can I link to work I’ve posted to other web sites? You can upload the files of that work directly to this challenge if you feel it applies. Otherwise, feel free to upload that content and host in on your profile page.
  • I don’t identify as a girl and/or I don’t face barriers in accessing secondary education. How can I participate? You can totally participate! Maybe consider why you don’t necessarily face those barriers, and using those thoughts as guiding points for your response(s). Have you witnessed barriers women face? Have you faced similar barriers that could be told as a parallel experience? This could also be a great time to work on a project collaboratively with a friend to best shape your idea.
  • McKinley Tretler
  • Hannah Orenstein

The goal of the Malala Fund is to enable girls to complete 12 years of safe, quality education so that they can fulfill their potential and become positive change-makers in their families and communities.

Over 60 million girls are out of school today because of poverty, early marriage, or the need to take care of other family members, denying them their fundamental right to education.

We work with partners all over the world to amplify girls’ voices, invest in local education leaders and programs that support girls’ secondary education and we advocate for more resources and safe schools for every child.


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